College Aid Calculator is a tool that can help you see how education loans and college financial aid work. Do you qualify? Keep in mind: this calculator only provides estimates. It's not the final word. Your school's Financial Aid Administrator (FAA) is the final authority on the exact amount of your EFC.

Enter your income and asset data. Here's what CAC can do:
  • Estimate Expected Family Contribution (EFC) for both public and private colleges,
  • Project an inflation-adjusted EFC any number of years into the future,
  • Show financial-aid-What If (inheritance, bonus, moving, etc.) instant answers,
  • Compute education loan payments for Stafford, PLUS, Perkins, and others,
  • Print your own EFC Report for future reference (financial aid explanations included).
  • CAC provides easy-to-understand help messages next to every data entry field.
  • Estimate current year MAP grant

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