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Loan Repayment

Repaying your student loan is your responsibility and must be taken seriously. Fulfilling this commitment will help establish your credit rating, allowing you to borrow in the future for things such as a car, a home, or continued education.

You need to be familiar with the repayment process, your rights and responsibilities, the benefits you�re entitled to, and the options available to you should you experience financial difficulty. Remember, even if you do not graduate, enjoy your classes, or find the job you anticipate, you are still responsible for repaying your loan.

Visit the IDAPP Web site for more information specific to IDAPP alternative loans.

Disclaimer: Information contained on these pages is designed for Federal Stafford, Federal SLS, and Federal PLUS loans. For additional information regarding other loans (e.g., William D. Ford Federal Direct loan or a Federal Perkins loan), contact your school financial aid administrator.

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