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Default Prevention Outreach

Nobody likes to see a student fail. When student borrowers go delinquent or default on the repayment of their loans, that�s exactly what happens. Many students simply don�t understand the long-term peril default places on their financial future. Successful repayment of student debt is a key step in establishing a healthy financial future.

The Illinois Student Assistance Commission (ISAC) is here to help. In addition to our scholarship, grant, FFELP loan origination and prepaid tuition services, ISAC is very active in assisting students during loan repayment. Our default prevention counselors help borrowers with repayment options, deferments and forbearances. This Web site also allows you access to financial and debt management counseling programs such as financial planning, personal budgeting and credit card tips. We are also pleased to provide information on career advice, employment and training opportunities.















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