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Financial Planning

Establishing a Budget
Establishing a budget is key to creating a sound financial game plan. There are several things to consider when setting up a budget, and many resources are available to help. A great resource for new graduates is Mapping Your Future. It offers tools such as a list of guidelines to help you establish a budget , and a budget calculator.

Maintaining Financial Fitness
To educate you about your personal finances Mapping Your Future provides 10 Steps to Financial Fitness. You can find out more about these 10 steps by clicking on the link and selecting any of the highlighted text. Step10 will lead you to a list of other Web sites that provide additional information on financial fitness.

Credit Cards
Students today are inundated with credit card applications. Many are unfamiliar with the long-term repercussions that credit card debt can cause. First USA provides credit card advice for keeping your credit record clean. Information includes credit resources, facts about your credit, and building a strong credit record.

Consumer Credit Counseling
Inability to pay a student loan is often times symptomatic of other personal hardships for which advice and counseling may be needed. Consumer Credit Counseling Service is a nationwide not-for-profit organization that provides assistance to those in need. Contact your local office or for more information contact the National Foundation of Credit Counseling.

Personal Finance Training Tools
Training for financial fitness shouldn�t be put off until after college. Young people need training on managing their personal finances � spending, savings, and investing. The Jump $tart Coalition has tools and programs to assist those in grades K - 12. One useful tool is 12 Principles that Every Person Should Know.



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